exploring DALL-E

May 13th, 2022

I'm so excited to have a chance to explore DALL-E from OpenAI. They’re slowly opening access to this incredibly powerful tool to various artists and I was selected as an early adopter.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke.

For those that don't know, DALL-E is an AI that creates images from scratch with only a text input.

At first I decided to explore the digital art style:

"hanging gardens under moonlight / digital art"

"utopian city 2077 / digital art"

"tan dachsund and black dachsund, oil painting"

every query has 10 results so sometimes I’ll pick a few results.

"room full of vintage synthesizers / digital art"

"skateboarding duck with pizza / picasso"

Then I tried something more existential and abstract. I’m really enjoying the “oil painting” aesthetic. It forces DALL-E to be a bit more loose and conceptual.

"what happens in the afterlife / oil painting"

"pink orbs floating in blue pastel room / digital art"

as a nod to my long time collaborator Andrés Reisinger.

"panda wizard / realistic"

"meaning of life / oil painting"

"a painting of van gogh in a painting of van gogh in the style of picasso"

"a picture of a painting of van gogh in the style of van gogh in a museum"

You can also edit existing photos:

"large pink ball inside of pink room with tiny pink chair / digital art"

"an armchair in the shape of a mango"

"a sofa in the shape of a blueberry"

"paranoid android / vintage film"

"a 35mm film photo of a girl swimming in the ocean with a sunset behind her"

"a 35mm film photo of a girl swimming in the ocean underwater"

"a dachsund playing a violin in the himalayas"

"humans of the future / oil painting"

"a 35mm film photo of sailor moon as a greek statue"

this one was mind blowing. discovering the 35mm film aesthetic really opened up a lot of creative output.

"a vintage photo of a space cruiser near andromeda"

"vintage cafe retro 1930s 35mm photo"

"red cafe france 1980s 35mm photo in the style of edward hopper"

"neon lit window 35mm film photo"

"35mm film photo of 1980s rollerblader on the miami beach boardwalk pastel pink"

"35mm film photo of a mirror"

"35mm film photo of 1950s recording studio similar to the beatles"

“mona lisa but with a monkey”

"vintage synthesizer in the style of salvador dali"

….. just wow.

It’s hard to wrap my head around the implications of this. I can imagine that this feels like an existential threat to visual artists, but if we look at technological trends, artists adapt and use these as tools. Perhaps a starting point, or as inspiration.

I can’t wait to see how AI will change my own world of music, for now I get to peek into the mind of such a powerful AI.

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